What is “Hurt Locker”?

That is probably the first question most people ask first.  The reply usually offered in return is this: If you have to ask what the Hurt Locker is, you have never been there.  Once in the Hurt Locker, you know.  Your mind knows.  Your body knows.  And it hurts.

For those that don’t know, such as people who do Zumba or talk on their phone while using the treadmill, the Hurt Locker is a period of immense, inescapable, and absolute pain.

For endurance athletes, mixed martial artists, CrossFitters, runners, and any other athlete, it marks a certain point during a workout or event.  For CrossFitters, you have been there.  You are in the middle of a WOD and have your hands on the bar but it doesn’t want to move. Your body is tired and nearly broken, yet you still have 2 more rounds to go.  You have to embrace the suck and somehow find the will to push through the pain.  For runners, it is mile 21 of the marathon, where your body is in all kind of pain from the pounding, the last few miles are around the corner, but you want to stop.

The Hurt Locker is that special place where you make a decision and the only two choices are to keep going or give up.  Those that give up go and cry on Facebook.  Those that push through stand on the podium.

Humble Beginnings

Hurt Locker Apparel is run by Thom Greenwood an avid CrossFitters.

Athletes are picky about their gear, and rightfully so.  They should be.  The planets have to align and when they do, domination takes place.  Aside from creating a bunch of cute shirts you get after a few weeks of dancing in your living room while a DVD plays, Hurt Locker Apparel offers you quality clothing that is meant to take a real beating, just like you.

We must issue a fair warning, however, about the wearing of our apparel, as it comes with a single stipulation.  DO NOT SUCK WHILE WEARING IT.  Should you falter, quit, pass out, or fail to man up during a workout wearing anything from the Hurt Locker apparel line, we will be there to rip it from your broken body.