South Georgia Throwdown: A First Timers Perspective

Posted on November 02 2013

Our friend Dani just competed in her first CrossFit competition.  For friends and family, all you had to do was keep an eye on her Facebook page and you could immediately tell that she had a good time.  Great time would probably be the best way to put it.

We thought about writing up something about the teamwork, support, and amazing community we witnessed that weekend but it isn't our story to tell.  It is hers.  So here is what she had to say:

"I had been to the South Georgia Throwdown many times before but always as a spectator; I knew that world camp CrossFit hosted a very fair and well ran competition but what I didn't know was that this competition was going to bring out the best and the worst in me. My teammates were amazing, Nathan and Patrick were supportive no matter what we did and Miranda pushed herself even when she wanted to give up. I got a little nervous when I saw some of the fantastic athletes that were competing but thankfully Miranda was always there to remind me that we had only been doing this for about 4 months. As a team and individuals we had some amazing moments, like Miranda's 30lb PR on her Jerk, my 5lb PR on my snatch, Nathan did 75 cheat to bar pull-ups and Patrick did 50 kettle bell swings without stopping. As a team, we took 1st in 2 WODs and 3rd in 2 of the WOD's. Staying in the top 3 the whole time! We all wanted to place so bad.

Going into the last workout it was rough, 2 days of giving it all you had takes a toll on you but I haven't ever wanted something as badly as I wanted to finish in the top 3. The last workout had a Partner Farmers carry and it ended up being the death of me. All my "team" skills went out the window. I totally lost track of being positive... Basically, I just didn't want to pick that dang bar up again but we didn't finish last and we all gave it everything we had!

When it was all said an done, our team placed 4th! At the time it was disappointing but 4th for your first competition is GREAT! The best part was, I finally got to represent one of my first Hurt Locker shirts that says..."better the live one day as a lion, than one hundred days as a lamb."

Next time, we ARE going podium!"

At the end of the day, it isn't always about who ends up on the podium or not.  Sometimes a person's victory might be entering a competition in the first place, taking a step out of their comfort zone to achieve something they never thought that they could.  That alone is huge.  Sometimes the victory might be making it through a workout that they never thought they could do.  It might even be hitting a deadlift PR in the middle of a competition when you are already tired (Looking at you, Doug).

Yea, we won't lie and say we love nothing more than seeing a ton of folks decked out from head to toe in our gear.  It is really humbling for us.  But that was overshadowed by what we saw at the competition.  We saw our friends compete and their friends and family come out in mass to support them and cheer them on.  It was like the community that we always hear about.  People driving a few hours just to yell at their friend to get that one extra rep.  That is powerful stuff, people, and we are stoked to be a part of it.

Thank you to everyone who came out, competed, and pushed themselves.  Thank you to Jodi, Dani, Miranda, Doug, and Ricky for letting us lift your photos off of Facebook, too.

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